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  • System Solution
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System Solution

We can offer :

Process Management

Process Quality control

Data flow Management

Operator Analysis

Cycle time Analysis

Logistics Planning

Layout Planning

Ergonomics Check

Operator Analysis

Project Management

Customized Automation

We have rich experience in non-target projects:

Application Field: Automotive, Life Science and 3C

Key account: Joint venture or large scale company

Project management : PMP

Key components : International Brand

Key technology: Automation system with collaborative robot technology

MES System

We can offer different management solutions:

Material input and output

Process data management

Process wrong Proof

Andon system

Operator management

Data collection and Traceability

We can offer the test solutions for the ECU on the passenger car, such as:


Air conditioner ECU

  • Stacker
  • Standard Module
  • Automatic feeding system
  • Clean Room Conveyor
Designed for the small component Auto feeding system

High Flexibility, Robust and Easy Set up

No need to retool line

Compatible to standard feeding box

Machine unit made according to customer requirements

Press Station : For precise force and stroke control(1kn-60kn)

Sliding Force Test Station : Precise sliding force and stake force control 

ECU Test Station: for Automotive control unit design 

Torque Test Module:  Precise Torque Test

Standard product developed for automatic nail feeding

Auto align the screw nut

Robust and Stable 

Use non-metal base pallet

Material handling system for clean workshops

Up to Class 10 Clean application

For life science and semi-conductor filed

Separate control for every motor

  • AGV/AMR Logistics
  • Machine Stacker
  • Loading buffer system

Based on human collaborative Robot (AGV, Six axles Robot). To set up the logistics automation quickly without site retooling

Based on TASI stacker and collaborative UR Robot. To set up the logistics automation quickly with standard material feeding box.

Based on TASI material loading buffer system. To set up the logistics automation quickly with standard material feeding box.

UR Robot
Montrac Conveyor
TASI is the official distributor of the Denmark Collaborative Robot –Universal Robot since 2017.
Mir Robot is the safety navigation robot to transport the components.
TASI is the official cooperation partner of Mir robot.
ONROBOT products can provide the Plug-in solution for the UR cobot.
TASI is the official cooperation partner of ONROBOT.
Montrac conveyor is a single railway solution for the automation with module design concept.
TASI Automation(Tianjin) Co., Ltd is a leading automation solution provider. We can offer service in Tianjin, Suzhou and Shanghai. TASI is capable to deliver the turn key solution for assembly and test line for automotive components, life sciences application. TASI is the official distributor of the UR robot, Mir Robot and ONROT EOR solution from Europe.
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